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You know if your customers are in need of a good water purification system. And we provide you the opportunity to implement this extra care of them.


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  5. Receive the goods with delivery to your address in Europe (delivery cost depends on location)


A detailed description of the goods, the recommended retail prices and features



A reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system removes even the smallest contaminants from the water, making it safe for drinking and cooking. Recommended for connoisseurs of the true taste of coffee and tea, as well as for children and allergy sufferers.


Undercounter filters

Removes sediment and harmful substances found in tap water, including chlorine, lead, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and hormones.


Filter Jugs

Filtering pitchers are intuitive, easy to use and quite effective. The jug is ready to use, and replacing the filter takes just a few minutes. Comes in colorful packaging and has an inexpensive price that promotes spontaneous purchases.



Various replacements and cartridges for reverse osmosis systems, flow filters and pitchers. They require periodic replacement - so constant demand is guaranteed.